Accidents Abroad

At Kaizen Law we understand that not all trips got to plan.

Be that a family holiday, business trip or just visiting family. If you have an accident or fall ill while abroad, you are able to claim for compensation irrespective of if the country is within the EU or not. Different countries and their different law policies will not have an impact on your right to claim.

So if your injury was a slip by the pool, or if you got food poisoning from your hotel restaurant, your claim is still valid. We understand that an accident abroad cannot just ruin your trip but it can also leave you struggling with expensive medical bills. Claiming will help you not only cover the costs of the medical bills you received whilst undergoing treatment abroad but you will also get the money back you paid for your trip and what you deserve in compensation.

Kaizen Law will help make claiming from outside the UK as easy as possible by taking care of all the tricky paperwork while you get the rest that you deserve.