Debt Recovery

To survive in business, the ability to collect overdue monies is of paramount importance. Here at Kaizen Law, we understand that receiving payments from clients isn’t always an easy task and that spending money on getting back a bad debt may be risky. This is why we can work on a fixed-fee basis, so the costs are clear at all times.

We set the standards that are shaping the future of the industry with our commitment to ethics, transparency and compliance. At Kaizen Law we are committed to client management and innovation, ensuring the highest levels of accountability. Ensuring that we reduce risks for clients, customers and agents alike.

Our solicitors understand the need to act quickly and decisively to recover what is owed to you when the dialogue between you and your customer breaks down. Therefore, once we are on the case we have dedicated and enthusiastic staff and highly efficient processes in place to take the burden off you and work towards a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

Additionally, we will advise you on the best methods of getting your money back while considering commercial benefits and giving you more options. You will have your own terms of payment as this varies between corporations.

Kaizen Law Debt Recovery solicitors are highly experienced in recovering debt and they can assist you on bankruptcy proceedings, enforcement of judgements, issue of county court claims, issue of statutory demands, letters before action and winding-up proceedings.

With a high success rate, our integrated intelligence-led approach drives smarter services and provides clients with absolute confidence in the efficiency and effectiveness of our services with improved results that make our services better value by design.

With the presence of a law firm like Kaizen Law behind you, is often enough to show you mean business with your debtors.