Careers at Kaizen Law

Are you a young graduate looking for a place to start your career within law? There is just one more piece to the puzzle when it comes to qualifying as a solicitor and getting your foot in the door within the law industry. Look no further. Kaizen Law is offering you a training contract like no other.

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Training Contracts… What Are They?

A training contract is the final stage on the path to qualifying as a solicitor, it gives you the chance to apply and practice all the skills and knowledge that you have learned so far. You will spend 2 years in which you will be able to develop your skills further within a working environment. This two-year period can be viewed as an apprenticeship of sorts where you are working yet still getting a qualification at the end. As a more niche firm, your training contract will specialise in the Personal Injury and Civil Litigation.

What you will learn?

During your final stage on the path to becoming a solicitor you will learn the icing on the cake, so to say, of being a fully qualified solicitor. You will learn everything there is to know in the field of Personal Injury and Civil Litigation while applying these skills to real life cases in a working environment. After you have completed your LPC (if you have not already done so) Kaizen Law will pay for your PSC – This is what you need to qualify as a solicitor.

Why complete yours with us?

Kaizen Law isn’t your average law firm. We provide a service that that is second to none and the tools to implement this that have never been used before. Completing your training with us will give you so much more than just a qualification. You will be welcomed into a team of trained professionals and always be under the supervision of a qualified solicitor that will help you manage workloads, monitor your progress and help train you. You will also be given the opportunity to use the latest technology and tools in the law industry. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will be welcomed into the team and looked after throughout. We guarantee that you will be proud of who you work for, and more importantly, Kaizen Law will be proud of having you work for them.